September 13, 2019

Wellness 66 hosts Suicide in Seniors: An Unexpected Ending, expanding upon this year’s previous topic of Depression and Aging. In this day long, complimentary seminar, keynote speakers from the backgrounds of psychiatry, nursing, internal medicine, and psychology will address the new risk factors and challenges present for older adults today contributing to rising rates of suicide. A panel discussion of various faith leaders will also be included to explore the ripple effect of suicide on family, friends, community, and spirituality. By presenting holistic perspectives from multiple disciplines, Wellness 66 hopes to unpack how to best meet the rapidly changing needs of our aging community in order to maintain a fulfilling, dignified, and healthy way of life at any age.

4.5 Hours of CEUs will be provided, including 1 hour of ethics.

Register at 615-342-1919 or click the link below: